Before submitting our online Meeting Request Form, please read through the following Meeting Guidelines, Procedures and Important Policies regarding the use of our Meeting Spaces.


Meeting Guidelines & Procedures

The McConnell Foundation offers the use of its facilities on a complimentary basis to 501(c)(3) organizations, public schools, and government entities. Groups are welcome to apply for space for special meetings, programs, and activities that fall outside the scope of their everyday business.

The meeting rooms are NOT generally available for:

  • Recurring information programs, routine board or staff meetings
  • Political meetings
  • Fundraisers or social events
  • Sectarian religious purposes

A qualified organization should request use of the facility, which will be granted at the Foundation’s discretion.

How do I request space for a meeting?

  1. Please fill out our Meeting Request Questionnaire and the signed Certification of Non-Discrimination and return by fax indicated on the forms.
  2. Make sure we receive your request at least 30 days before the date requested.
  3. Requests will be reviewed by our staff weekly in order to provide a timely response.
  4. Once reviewed, an acceptance or denial will be sent to your organization.
  5. If the date requested is approved, the Meeting Coordinator will notify you in writing and, if you’d like, arrange a time to see the meeting facilities and go over the details of your meeting.

Important Policies

  • The nature of our space dictates that we schedule meetings, trainings, or collaboratives that are relatively quiet in nature. We avoid scheduling groups that wish to do high-energy team building exercises, which don’t fit well with our own work environment.
  • No smoking is allowed anywhere on the 200-acre Lema Ranch.
  • Photography and videotaping, except outdoors, are not allowed without prior approval.
  • Permission for media involvement of any type (radio, television, newspaper) must be requested in advance through our Meeting Coordinator.
  • All food must be catered by someone from our approved list. We request that there be no boxed lunches.
  • All food will be discarded as soon as possible after meals unless your staff or our staff make arrangements to package and refrigerate food until the end of the meeting. Please be aware that refrigerator space is limited.
  • During evening or weekend meetings, our facility closes half an hour after the stated end time of your meeting.
  • In consideration of the environment, The McConnell Foundation encourages groups to carpool, take public transportation, or bicycle to the meeting facility whenever possible.

How we can help you

  • Once your meeting is approved we’ll arrange a time for you to come out and look at the space. At this time, we’ll talk in depth about the services, set-up, and equipment we offer and your specific needs.
  • We’ll keep in touch until the day of your meeting, firming up details and tracking last minute changes.
  • We’ll be here during the meeting to make sure everything goes as planned, and to make sure any last minute needs are accommodated.
  • We provide a complimentary beverage service that includes coffee, tea, water, juice in the morning and water and iced tea for lunch.

How you can help us

  • Please give us a final count 72 hours in advance of your meeting. This helps to ensure that your room is set up for the right number of guests.
  • Arrive far enough in advance of your meeting’s start time to get set up, request any last minute adjustments, and to be present to greet your guests when they arrive.
  • Talk to your speakers and/or facilitators in advance of your meeting to get a list of their requirements. Will they be doing a PowerPoint presentation? Do they need flip charts, white boards, or easels? Are they bringing materials that may require a separate table? What time will they arrive?
  • Please provide us with a copy of your agenda in advance of the meeting.
  • Notify us of a cancelation as soon as possible.
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