John A. Mancasola


Dear Friends,
The McConnell Foundation board and staff are emotionally and professionally committed to a short-, mid- and long-term recovery from the challenges of Coronavirus.

We are working safely, with access through technology, focusing on our essential services. Each of our program staff is in contact with community partners and grantees, nonprofits, and government entities. During this time we are especially mindful that children, families, educators, vulnerable populations, and businesses are dealing with unprecedented and rapidly changing stress and challenge.

We are appreciative and indebted to health and wellness professionals, decision-makers in government, and the many skilled and passionate people on the front lines of this global crisis.

We are attempting to reduce anxiety by staying calm, mitigating health risks, and proceeding with only essential projects and priorities. Our public trails at Lema Ranch remain open from dawn to dusk.  We encourage you to practice social distancing when enjoying the trails.

Please trust us that we will uphold our mission of helping to build better communities through philanthropy in good times, and in challenging times.  Our pledge is to listen and learn from these emergency times.  When we are able to safely and freely get back to our full potential, we will respond with clear, tangible and effective ways to lend our philanthropic support.

For now, be safe, and accept our gratitude for the difference you make in the lives of those you love and serve.

John A. Mancasola
President & CEO

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