North State Public Radio: Downtown Redding’s Tactical Urbanism

 In Community Vitality

On North State Public Radio reporters Kim Weir, Sarah Bohannon, and Rachelle Parker recently featured California Street Labs on their program, Up the Road. Key excerpt:

“Right now, it’s all happening on California Street downtown. This community revisioning process even has a temporary headquarters, in an abandoned warehouse, thanks to a grant from the local McConnell Foundation—California Street Labs, a pop-up space at 1313 California Street. Everyone, including tourists, can come visit on Thursdays and Saturdays, to share ideas and participate in particular experiments. Come on by, to witness a downtown already in the process of transforming itself. California Street Labs, which formally opened on October 6, is the brainchild of Anne Thomas, founder of Shasta Living Streets, an active local supporter of livable community design and development. The lab warehouse truly is an experiment, and an experimental space. It’s an exercise in ‘tactical urbanism,’ she says—a place where community members can test out new ideas and possible directions to build a ‘vibrant downtown and a great city,’ addressing questions that come with life in the 21st century. The point is to just try things, see which ideas might work, might attract a following. Artists, entrepreneurs, young families, retirees, business owners, come on down!”
To listen to the full story, click on the image below. Want to participate?: join us here.
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