Sharing Downtown Project Updates with Planning Commission & Community Services Advisory Commission

 In Community Vitality

Today Program Officer for Community Vitality, Rachel Hatch led a walking tour of selected downtown projects for a joint meeting of the Redding Planning Commission and the Community Services Advisory Commission. This included a project briefing on the Shasta College Community Leadership Center–to be built at the corner of Tehama & California Streets–and more. What roles do these groups of citizen decision-makers play?

The Planning Commission deals with land use issues (zoning, General Plan amendments, etc.) which cannot be resolved at the administrative level or by the Board of Administrative Review.  Members are residents of the City of Redding, employed within the City of Redding, and/or own a business located within the City of Redding.

The Community Services Advisory Commission is a five-member board appointed by City Council to provide oversight of the Recreation, Park Development, and Park Maintenance Divisions, and contracts for the operations of the Redding Civic Auditorium and the Redding Convention and Visitors Bureau administered by the Community Services Department.


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