Pop-Up Retail in Downtown Redding

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In August 2017, a “lunch and learn” about pop-up retail took place in downtown Redding. The goal? To learn from people who are doing pop-up retail in Redding about their experiences so far, and to think together about how this might connect with underutilized spaces in downtown Redding in the years ahead.

Person speaking at event

What is pop-up retail?  These are brick-and-mortar shops that are temporary by design. A business may inhabit a space for only eight hours but have the opportunity to sell a product, build brand awareness and refine a target market. One day, a space may be occupied by a fashion designer, and the next by a furniture maker. Pop-Up Republic, a Chicago-based service provider for the growing pop-up industry, estimates the market size for pop-ups to be $45 billion to 50 billion per year in the U.S. alone.

The Experience Economy

Overall, this is part of a shift from a product-based economy to an experience economy. Which raises the question: what kinds of experiences would you like to have in downtown Redding? Which underutilized spots are ripe for pop-up activity?

Full slides and photos of the event are available here.

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