Progress Report: Parking Lot Now Available to Public

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As you may be aware, The McConnell Foundation has been engaging in a 3 step process to make additional public parking available at 1313 California Street in downtown Redding.

We are excited to share that the parking lot is now complete and available to people who live, work & play downtown.

Some key milestones & people to thank along the way:

The week of February 18th, the team from Eddie Axner Construction adjusted the fence-line at the corner of California & Shasta Streets, ensuring better pedestrian access during construction. Thank you, Axner!

As is common in projects like this, some hazardous materials were identified in the soil, and they needed to be removed. Special thanks to Vestra GIS & Environmental Engineering for their help. This was Step 1 and it was important to get it right.

We also appreciate the work of Gheen Builders, who are overseeing the next steps. After a rainy spring, we seized a window to carry out Step 2 of the process: paving!

Now, the parking lot on the corner of California & Shasta Streets is complete, and is accessible to the public (Step 3). There is no parking requirement for development in the downtown core, but The McConnell Foundation is committed to contributing to the solution, so we paved parking lot and making it available to the public for a transitional period of up to 10 years.

Kudos to Richard Huff from The McConnell Foundation team for managing this process.

Photos that show earlier progress are below:







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