Ten-Year Forecast (2021-2031)

 In Community Vitality

Institute for the Future is the world’s leading futures education and training organization. For over 50 years, businesses, governments, and social impact organizations have depended upon IFTF global forecasts, custom research, and foresight training to navigate complex change and develop world-ready strategies.

This week, I’ve cleared my schedule to attend IFTF’s Ten-Year Forecast. which will immerse participants in the world of 2031, and ask: given these foresights, what are the insights for your organization and what actions should you be considering to get future-ready?

After reviewing the agenda, here are 7 questions, I am bringing with me to this week’s event:

  1. What can leaders in the philanthropic sector do to build a more equitable future?

  2. How will climate change affect housing in places like Redding where the #CarrFire burned in 2018 and the #FawnFire is burning now?

  3. What are the new ownership structures that will shape our relationship to buildings & land in the year 2031?

  4. How will the Experience Economy in #downtown Redding be affected by shifts in retail, shopping & advertising, looking 10 years ahead?

  5. How will hybrid, distributed work environments change the potential for people to come to live & work in smaller cities like #Redding?

  6. What can we do to build more #foresight literacy into decision-making processes in our communities? What are the ingredients for activating public imagination?

  7. What external future forces will shape the future of community & belonging in 2031? #CommunityVitality

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