Bricks Distributed to Law Enforcement

 In Community Vitality

Demolition at the former police station took place in August, thanks to the efforts of Eddie Axner Construction and Richard Huff of The McConnell Foundation. 

The bricks were taken offsite for the salvage process and we want to especially thank Jim Huber of Huber & Burton for his work to keep as many portions intact as possible. The masonry work is an important and delicate matter, as this building has meant a lot to many people. The process at the brick-clad, cement structure is completed with a greater number of bricks salvaged than had been anticipated.

The McConnell Foundation worked with the Redding Police Department to ensure that the they would have bricks to offer as keepsakes with current & former law enforcement personnel–both sworn and unsworn. Special thanks to Mary Dotson for her help in orchestrating this.

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