Sneak Peek Event: Hard Hat Tour of California Street Labs

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Here are photos that give a taste of the hard hat tours to give community members an early taste of the potential for California Street Labs, a project to activate the warehouse located at 1313 California Street (on the Corner of California & Tehama streets. To *activate* means to program the space with people and objects to enliven it.

Examples of activities that will happen in the space include: art installations, pop-up retail, music performances, film screenings, bike-related activities, meetup groups, and more. Community participation will revolve around 7 key themes: Civic Life, DIY (Do It Yourself), Future City, Real Play, Science & the Natural World in the City, Culture, Arts & Entertainment, and New Economy. Here are selected photos from the Sneak Peak event:

Below was the invitation, also extended via social media here.

You are invited: Community members who are interested in learning how to participate in the California Street Labs are invited to attend our Sneak Peek of the work in progress as we continue renovation of the warehouse.

Wednesday, September 5th from 4-7 PM
Drop by 1313 California Street, meet the team from Shasta Living Streets, tour the space, and learn how to take part in this exciting endeavor.

Please plan to walk, bike, or park your car in the parking garage or on local streets.

Everyone is welcome, all ages: If everything we do in our city is great for an 8-year old and an 80-year old, it will be great for all people. This is a new venue where everyone can connect and participate.

We are excited to announce that we have received a grant from TheMcConnell Foundation to serve as Activation Lead for Downtown Warehouse Activation! This is located in the the renovated warehouse at the site of the former police station in downtown Redding.

Demolition is nearing completion, and the effort to salvage a portion of bricks has been successful. The project was originally dubbed The Green Door Project for the distinctive green doors that have also been salvaged. Now, as warehouse renovation nears completion to launch as early as September, the project has taken on its official name: California Street Labs.

To activate means to program the space with people and objects to enliven it. Shasta Living Streets serves as Activation Lead at the Labs. This builds on Shasta Living Streets’ successful 2015 pop-up venue, Market Hall at 1729 California Street (described in Enjoy Magazine, August 2015 here

For more information visit:

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