Connecting with Caltrans about the Future of Downtown Redding

 In Community Vitality

Thanks to Caltrans District 1Caltrans District 2 & Caltrans District 3 for the invitation to speak about “Community Livability & Economy” at the North Region Managers Meeting” on October 3rd. The mission of Caltrans is to “provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability” and the investments that The McConnell Foundation is making in downtown Redding have strong resonance with Caltrans’ Strategic Goal for 2015-2020 around Sustainability, Livability and Economy.
It was a pleasure to share about downtown Redding projects such as the forthcoming bikeshare program which contribute toward this goal.

Though The McConnell Foundation’s Community Vitality work is focused on less than a single square mile in downtown Redding (whereas this group focuses on hundreds of square miles!) it is nevertheless important for communities to learn from each other. Revitalization efforts in one downtown in the North State that include CalTrans highways can surely learn from others, so The McConnell Foundation appreciated the opportunity for this exchange.


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