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Regional convenings are key for exchanging best practices with other communities. The October Future Valley Summit was no different.

Hundreds of people gathered for the meeting–organized by the San Joaquin Affordable Housing Coalition, which celebrated its 7th year in 2018. Their mission? To provide “regional solutions to promote affordable housing through dialogue among state, federal and local stakeholders.”

It was an honor for The McConnell Foundation to be asked to share about Redding’s successful Affordable Housing Sustainable Communities Grant project, which was successfully awarded in June 2018.

The grant is for a mixed used development in downtown, offering housing and transportation amenities, such as completing the river trail connection from Turtle Bay Exploration Park to downtown, was a joint submission by K2 Land and Investment, LLC (K2)The McConnell Foundation (McConnell), the City of Redding, and Community Development and Revitalization Corporation (CDRC). In addition, K2, The City of Redding and The McConnell Foundation were awarded a $4 million grant to be used for the downtown Redding project to build additional parking. (Reminder of the details about this total of $24 million state investment in downtown is here).

At The Future Valley on October 2nd, Program Officer for Community Vitality Rachel Hatch presented on a panel titled AHSC: Making Connections in the Valley together with:

  • Craig Shields, California Department of Housing and Community Development
  • Coral Abbot, Strategic Growth Council
  • Betsy McGovern-Garcia, Self-Help Enterprises
  • Stephen Pelz, Housing Authority of the County of Kern

Photo by Brian Ridgway.

Photo by Brian Ridgway

To see key takeaways from the summit, check out the Twitter Moment, created by @Rachelkeas:

Photo by Brian Ridgway.

Presentation materials for all speakers are available here.

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