Center of Hope – Redding, California

Building on Hill Country’s reputation for quality care delivered with kindness, the Center of Hope is a comprehensive place of wellness offering health care, mental health services, addiction treatment and dental care for 7,700 Shasta County residents, along with supported housing for 16 young students transitioning out of homelessness.  Scheduled for completion in late 2020, the Center of Hope is Hill Country Community Clinic’s latest effort to improve the health of Shasta County.

Over the past 10 years Hill Country has developed an intensive, holistic approach to helping patients with complex health and social needs to regain health and hope. Care teams based at the Center of Hope will support 300-400 people in the community who are suffering from chronic disease, mental illness, addiction, poverty and homelessness. A wellness and recovery center will provide vocational and life skills training for participants. Research has shown that 50 percent of health care costs are incurred by just five percent of patients. Helping these patients stabilize their health and living situations will result in improved quality of life for these individuals, and community-wide savings in health care, public safety and other safety net costs.

The Center of Hope will have a positive economic impact on Redding. A projected 108 permanent full-time jobs will be created. Ten part-time positions at the Center itself will be filled by students in on-campus housing, preparing them for entry into the general job market. Permanent annual tax revenue is estimated to be $2.5 million.

Hill Country’s vision for the project is a response to Redding’s high rates of addiction, mental illness and homelessness. The estimated number of chronically homeless people in Redding is 300. While not all of these individuals will be open to help, the Center of Hope is scaled to have a major impact. As the name implies it is more than a medical facility. It is a hub of restored health and hope.

The McConnell Foundation is participating in this project by donating the property from the Foundation’s real estate portfolio for the Center.


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