Healthy Shasta

Healthy Shasta is a local partnership designed to promote healthy and active living among North State residents. Created in response to serious concerns about the increasing rates of childhood obesity and chronic health problems such as Type II diabetes, Healthy Shasta takes a multifaceted approach to addressing these problems. Healthy Shasta promotes public awareness with media campaigns, events, and outreach to schools. It also links the community to practical resources such as walking trail maps, farmers market schedules, and farm trail maps, found on the Healthy Shasta website. In partnering with Healthy Shasta, The Foundation has taken more steps toward understanding and addressing the effects of choices that city planners, policymakers, and even funders can have on the health and vitality of the community. Research has shown that traffic congestion and neighborhoods designed to cater primarily to auto traffic can discourage physical activity. With the Healthy Shasta partnership and the Healthy Students Initiative, we will continue to ask questions about how we can improve the health and vitality of our local communities.

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