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Trails enhance a community by providing physical activities such as walking, hiking and cycling to foster good health; attracting visitors to generate tourism; allowing individuals to commute to school or work thus cutting costs and protecting the environment; and providing an opportunity for agencies to collaborate and volunteers to become involved.  The McConnell Foundation has a long-term commitment to work with many partners to help build trails in the communities it serves. Some examples of this work are the Ribbon Bridge on the Sacramento River Trail, the Sacramento Rail Trail, Tower Bridge in Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, the Sundial Bridge on the Sacramento River Trail, Wagon Creek Bridge on the Lake Siskiyou Trail, Lema Ranch and Churn Creek Greenway Trails, Swasey Recreation Area trails, Keswick Lake Area trails, Westside trails and the Mule Ridge trail system. The McConnell Foundation has worked with many agencies and volunteers to help build approximately 80 miles of trail and numerous trail bridges.

Trails provide recreation and transportation opportunities by providing people of all ages with places to cycle, hike, jog and ride horses. In addition to health benefits, trails also provide economic and transportation benefits, and can have an effect on community pride and identity. The McConnell Foundation has partnered with a variety of entities to build a host of trails in the communities it serves. The list of trails is extensive and the choice of names interesting. Some are tied to their location, others to history, and some to quirky local lore.

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