Wagon Creek Bridge – Mt. Shasta, California

The McConnell Foundation partnered with Siskiyou County by awarding a $600,000 grant for the Wagon Creek Bridge. “The Lake Siskiyou Trail is a wonderful attraction for Siskiyou County residents and its visitors. This trail — which is enjoyed by walkers, hikers, runners and mountain bikers — meanders through deep dark forests, wide open meadows, and everything in between as it circumnavigates the lake. The crown jewel of the Lake Siskiyou Trail is the Wagon Creek Bridge, where you can gaze downwards onto the lake and watch boaters or waterfowl playing in its waters, or view upwards to the snowy peak of Mount Shasta as it is framed by the tall conifers along the lake shore.”

John Schuyler, Mount Shasta Trail Association

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