Redding Learns about Business Models to Support Arts & Culture

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On November 8th, community members gathered at the Sheraton Hotel in Redding for the second annual Redding Cultural District Summit. The focus? Business models to support arts and culture. Here is a photo recap, in case you missed it:

The evening began–appropriately so–with a moment of silence for Camp Fire survivors and first responders. It made it all the more moving to hear about how the state of Louisiana embraced cultural districts as a disaster response strategy after Hurricane Katrina. Likewise, the crowd could relate to the Pittsburg as a steel city that had seen its share of booms and busts, and utilized real estate investments within the cultural district as a way of forging long-term support for the arts. And the room brimmed with optimism hearing from Indianapolis regarding their experience with art along bike paths.

For media coverage of the event by journalist Jon Lewis, click here:

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