2016 COPE Center – by Melinda Chao

“In the earlier times of my village we had good fortune and there was nothing to cause us fear or danger in the lives of the Laotian rice farmer in our region like in other regions the same. But [...]

SAIL Blog – by Sabrina Saechao

I was seven years old when my parents visited their homeland, Laos. They came back with videos and pictures of my relatives. It made sad that I missed an opportunity to travel with my parents to [...]

Life Changing – by Jasmine Kaur Saechao

A certain friend told me, “This summer will change you,” and I never understood the depth of his words. Of all the people [the teachers, mentors, family members] who told me their hopes, his felt [...]

My Laos Experience – by Feuy Saephan

Everyone has their own experiences in life. No matter how big or small those experiences are, it will give you a new perspective and change the way you feel or think about things. I was given the [...]