The Intermountain Junior Rodeo Association was awarded $250,000 to complete the Jennifer Skuce Pavilion in McArthur (eastern Shasta County). The building, located on the Intermountain Fairgrounds, is a gift to the region in memory of Jennifer Skuce.

Jennifer Skuce was the daughter of a family that has owned property in the area for over 30 years. She passed away in 2005 from cancer, but not before working with her family to plan this project designed to enhance programs for youth. The Fairgrounds hosts not only rodeo and equestrian events, but community and school events, youth sports, and large community social gatherings. The pavilion will help meet all of these needs.

“Betsy and I would once again like to thank The McConnell Foundation for the most generous donation made to the Pavilion to honor the memory of our daughter Jennifer. For us, her loss can never be made up, but it gives us comfort that so many deserving people will benefit from the Pavilion’s existence.” (Thank you note from Jennifer’s parents, Dave & Betsy Skuce)

Local fundraising started with a cross-section of community members raising money and making in-kind contributions. Other groups and agencies have contributed and The McConnell Foundation was pleased to be able to give the organization the last dollars needed to finish the construction of the project.

The pavilion has just been completed and had its grand opening. Events such as horse shows and working cow dog trails have already begun to fill the pavilion with activity.

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